Year published: 25/06/2011

This report draws its background from the First Panorama Report which looked at the reference

situation for the food and agricultural statistics in Malawi, overview of user needs for food and

agriculture statistics and explained the expectations from CountrySTAT. Furthermore, the report

discussed the outputs, data sources, metadata of the food and agriculture statistics. In conclusion

it also highlighted important factors for the success of the CountrySTAT. It draws a lot of

insights from the key stakeholders involved in food and agriculture statistics, and from a number

of agricultural statistical and strategic plans reports coming from different sources such as the

National Statistical Office, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, Department of

Climate Change and Meteorological Services. Hence this second panorama report is a

continuation of the first report.

This report will be used to provide data and metadata which would be used for uploading more

data and metadata on the CountrySTAT platform. The report will focus on institutional

framework, discuss outputs and metadata, provide an overview of the regional integration, and

finally it will also explain the data access and use in terms of accessibility and relevance to

private and public decision makers.