Year published: 13/05/2011

The researcher would like to thank the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) for offering him the opportunity of carrying out this important assignment and the Division of Agricultural Statistics of the National Statistical Office (NSO) for the technical support.  The author benefited from the experience of various officials from the office.  Special mention to Mr. Benjamin Bisa Banda for all the guidance offered during the period this assignment was undertaken.  The author would also like to acknowledge the assistance and guidance from Mr. Kanyanda of the Department and Messrs Brite Mvula and Sayinet Botomani from the Trade Statistics unit for all the guidance and assistance rendered.



Given the nature of the project, assistance from various organizations was also vital to its implementation.  These include the following persons from the following organizations: Dr. F. Njaya from Department of Fisheries (Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security), Mr. I. Chirwa, Statistics Section of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, Mr. K. Chirambo from Department of Forestry of the Ministry of Mines and Natural Resources, Messrs Adams Chavula and Clement Boyce from the Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services.  Comments from the Deputy Director of FAO are kindly acknowledged.  Comments from Ms. Julia Stone of FAO Headquarters were crucial during the final stages of finalizing this document and the author gratefully acknowledges her contribution.